Elegance & Thorns

We believe in the sky & we don’t believe in the chains holding us back.

We believe in going our own way, no matter what restrictions society imposes on us.

We believe in freedom. We believe in no limits.

We believe in passion & we believe in boldness.

We believe in individuality & we believe in you creating your own life.

Reveal the best version of yourself. For yourself. By yourself.

Don’t hide your thorns. Embrace them.

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Beauty & The Beast

Shine beautifully in the light and work like a beast in the dark. Inspire. Love. Be humble.

Live and create the life you desire.

But when shit goes down, unleash the BEAST within you!

Absorb the hits pointed at you.

Dodge the rocks thrown at you.

Increase speed.


Stay real, but be ready to kill.

The beast is ready so the beauty can live.

A beast watching your back – by ODDLINE.

Beauty & Beast Kollektion

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